"The Full Moon Dream Dance that was held at Hornings Hideout was without a doubt the best festival experience of my life. I attend concerts and festivals all over the country and what happened in North Plains, Oregon July 14-16 was nothing short of pure magic.

I can't thank Peak Experience Productions enough!!"

Wow! What a great venue!
Horning's Hideout is the best place I've ever seen a show!
My new favorite venue!
And the Real Magic ( not Sears magic :)
Nothing went awry for anyone I talked with the entire weekend!

First of all, I just want to say that this last weekend was probably the most profound weekend of my life. The setting, the people, the music, the ritual, the full moon all combined to create an alchemy of existence that I have never ever experienced before. The amount of work that you all must have done is extremely, extremely commendable and I loved how well it all came together. I'm already looking forward to the next Peak Experience Production!

Transcendent, inspiring, joyful, cleansing, cryptical, giggle producing, lovely, gorgeous, harmless, kind, real, mostly just plain fun!! I would love to give you the clap of all claps and the bow of all bows.. You guys/gals have yer stuff together. I've been a serious concert/festival goer (Dead since '85, Phish since '93, SCI since '97) for decades now. I've been to countless amazing festivals in many countries.. Last weekend was the cream of the crop.. No shit! I get goose bumps when I think about how much fun my wife & I had, along with our good friends & they're kids.. What a production. You created such a peaceful, mellow, "at ease", fun atmosphere. Our kids want more, our wives want more & we want more. Please let me know about any future endeavors by ya'll!! Tips: Better handicap functionality! People on crutches really had it bad, & production carts filled with beer heading for the VIP area telling us sorry was a bummer. But we all won this weekend & I offer you all my positive energy. We truly appreciate & love you all!!!!

I just wanted to give you guys a big THANK YOU, for not just The Full Moon Dream Dance but also NYE 99-00. The vision that you guys have is indescribable -- you are bringing all of us to a higher level and I thank you for that. Both of the events I attended were extremely well organized and pulled off to perfection. I can only imagine all the hard work you guys put into each event, and I thank you for that. I think we have something very special with you and String Cheese Incident teaming up for these "Peak Experiences"....I live in Connecticut and have no problem spending all my money just to attend another Peak experience, no matter where it is.. Again, thank you for all the hard work and I look forward to being part of the magic soon.

Dear John and Dan,

Awesome! Fantastic! Amazing! Magical! There are many more superlatives I could use to describe the Full Moon Dream Dance but most importantly I want to express my gratitude for the outstanding work that you and the many other Peak Experience elves and fairies did in producing the event. While I have both attended and co-created many conferences, gatherings and celebrations, I have never participated in such a large event before. I was struck by the attention to detail from the amount of advance information, quality of food, beauty of venue, number of portapotties and hand-washing stations, to the recycling efforts. And the music.....and the firedancing....and the workshops....and the rituals...and the family-friendly environment...and the recycling....and the fairy court.....and the dragon...and the many other activities and elements that made this event so unique and exquisite. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, creativity and resources in producing this event. Thank you for inviting us all to move to a higher level of personal evolution, community and creativity. Thank you for honoring the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water so that we could all appreciate the richness of our life experience. I left Horning's Hideout glowing with a rekindled fire of my own passion and glittering with the sweet connections made with the beautiful kindred spirits I danced with all weekend. You and the many other people involved in producing this event are gifts to those of us who chose to join you in this magical journey of spiritual alchemy.
You are doing the good work.

thank you thank you thank you! the FMDD was one of the most wonderful, most spectacular events I have ever been apart of. It was obvious that alot of hard work and alot of heart and soul was put in by a bunch of people to make it work, and it worked magically! Being a veteran of Phish shows and having to constantly deal with bad vibes and an over dependency on drugs by alot of the phans, this event was truly refreshing, to see this kind of magic, this kind of togetherness and unity at a concert event. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. You created something truly beautiful and magical on the weekend of July 14-16. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

I would just like to express my extreme gratitude for all of the effort that went into this wonderful production. This has to qualify as the most incredibly magical experience of my entire life. Never before had I felt THAT kind of energy flowing from person to person and from inanimate to animate.

Personal highlights for me included (but are certainly not limited to) the pre-invocation ritual performed in the water camp. My great thanks to John and Angie and the rest of the Faerie Court for bringing out the spirit in all of the participants. The tangibility of the experience is unquestionable. I became that which I had journeyed far to become.

Another highlight took place shortly before the water group joined the ritual on the floor of the amphitheatre. Those that began chanting 'From the Goddess' brought forth such sweet melody that I have never thought possible. I was instantly drawn to faerie song and will never again be without. I have always heard story of the sweetness of these odes, but I am still in awe at it's magnificent power.

The last highlight that I will mention (and again, there were so many) was the Faerie Invocation itself. For those not there, I can only say one word: Ineffable.

The above references represent only a small part of a much bigger experience that was had by those attending the Full Moon Dream Dance. I will certainly remember LOTS of hugs that filled me with joy. LOTS of smiling faces that made me laugh and LOTS of new friends that made me feel whole.

And lest we forget: 3 GLORIOUS nights with the Cheese!

In all, my experience involved a great deal of learning, loving, and a GREAT sense of fulfillment. It is something that I will NEVER forget and for that I am truly thankful. Thank you Jah Nee Dee, Dan and all of you who helped me find my true self.

Was one of the best times I've have in a long while. The whole venue was sweet!!! Saturday night was spectacular (loved all the faeries).

We spent all day Friday flying in from Boston and all day Monday flying home. The two days in between made up the quintessential live music experience of my life. I have spent the last few hours thinking what could have been done differently�still drawing a blank.

The most powerful moment of the weekend actually came on Tuesday morning while arriving at work. I was blessed to spend two days in a culture that truly values life and now find myself back in an environment filled with those who are missing the experience completely.

The closing theme of the festival focused on spreading the ideals realized in Oregon. Thank you for the eye opener and kick of motivation. My outlook has been altered for the better�

Thanks so much to all of you who made it happen!! It was AMAZING
and the feeling is still with me. Remember - PRONOIA!

Completely Amazing
Thank you all for the event of a life time . pure euphoria
I hope we can have a great event like this again .

My experience at this event was wonderful. You all did a great job. To pull something of this magnitude off is incredible. What a vision. I have seen so many shows, but nothing compares overall to this event. The opportunity to participate was so awesome. I had the intention to be involved and was able to do it. Your group made it participation easily accessible to all. I signed up with fire elemental camp, made a costume at the arts & crafts tent, did candle dancing, and had my mind blow at the main ceremony. The feedback that I will pass along to all I know is totally positive. Thanks so much & I look forward to your next event. To make this happen must have taken so much. Thanks for giving...I hope that it went as well for all of you, at Peak Experience Productions, as it did for me. Best wishes.

P.S. The Millennium New Year's show in Portland was also excellent. I didn't have the chance to feedback on that.

I must tell you that even after seeing over 200 Dead shows--that this was one of the best times I've ever had. The one thing that was strange was that I really didn't know anyone there!! But alas came out with many new friends. I sure hope you will do this again--but please keep it small. That was a key element to the whole gig!!! So all in all it was well worth the trip from Sun Valley, Idaho!!!!!
So thank you so much for a Peak Experience!!!!!
Peace brothers,
Lois and Craig

I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone who made this past weekend the kindest scene I've been a part of in quite some time. It is very refreshing to know that you can still surround yourself with 3500 smiles and no negative attitudes. I won't soon forget Water Camp.......

Thank you! The Full Moon Dream Dance was such a wonderful event - the venue, the people, the music - it was all so wonderful. The Peak Experience crew was above and beyond anything I thought you would be (and I expected a lot).

I came into the weekend at Horning's Hideout with no expectations except for some good SCI jamming. It was a mystery the unveiled itself as the weekend progressed.
What your company brought was truly a peak experience - the most fun I have ever had. And more importantly, I have enthusiastically spread the message of respect for one another and the Earth. What a blessing! Thank you.

thanks to peak and your crew for making magic for us all last weekend at hornings. It was a great pleasure to be a part of it, and every one I spoke to was amazed at the entire event. THANK YOU! Also, one of my favorite parts of the weekend was the announcment of the "pro-noia" conspiracy happening around us- it is the truth!
thanks again and shine on,

Sapphire and I spent the last few hours of our stay at Hornings in our fairy costumes waving goodbye to all the departing cars at the front gate. We were also "meeting and greeting fairies," and spent several hours on Thursday and Friday in similar costumes greeting people as they arrived at that same gate. I'd like to pass on all of the Thank You's, "we Love you's," blown kisses, hugs, and smiles that we experienced! Hundreds of smiling, happy people loved the weekend. So many smiles!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Myself and everyone I spoke with had the time of their lives. What a very special and magical weekend.

Add me to the ranks of people who say:
Hornings was the most beautiful festival of which I've ever been a part!!!

The portals and elemental camps were very cool...

Thank you for creating such a magical and free space in which attendees were able to create their own magnificent experience, whatever that might entail.
I left the weekend with an opened attention to the magic flow of life force from everyone and everything around me. I almost hugged a gas station attendant half way cross Wyoming, while returning to Colorado. - AYE!

The ritual on Saturday night was particularly fulfilling. The intent to allow participation of the audience went uncompromised, and for this I am grateful. Standing within the fire gate, an eye painted on my chest, I had the unprecedented opportunity to peer closely into the eyes of the audience-participants.
What I saw there was peaceful bliss, excited attention, and astonished disbelief (who does this kind of stuff!!). What I felt was nothing less.

FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!! No detail was lost, and it blows me away that all of the little things were addressed. PEP and the Silver Crew deserve medals for the constant eye candy, pleasant range of activities, and (of course) the wise use of Mr. Horning's glorious facilities!

Dear John, Dan, Brad, and everyone else--

first a thanks for basically pushing the envelope and opening up a whole new realm for concert/gatherings--things will never be the same!

The Full Moon Dream Dance was one of the most refreshing, beautiful, and enlightening shows I have been to ever. The people there were so real and everyone had the same goal in mind; to have fun and love everyone. I was brought closer to my friends and people I have never met without the aide of drugs or other artificial stimulants. The music was my drug. Music IS love.

John, Dan and others at peak,
Thank you x 1,000,000!!!!
You exceeded all possible expectations and then some. I feel that you came as close as possible to creating a utopia for a weekend. The word that I keep coming back to is "SMILE" Every one all weekend long just had a smile plastered on their faces(mine included)
There really was nothing left to improve upon. I mean the whole scene, the people everything was wonderful. I felt absolute zero hassle. None! I was able to do what ever I wanted whenever I wanted to do it. ( With all due respect to the Horning's and others of course) I work very hard in a "tie" job, and I looked forward to that weekend since the first day it was announced. I felt stress and tension melt like snow on a hot day. I have never had that sensation (sober that is)Just from arriving in a place.
My highlight I think was the fire breathing dragon. That dude was BADASS!! Then the fire dancing(chains,hoop, juggling etc) took a close second.

wonderful, magical, perfect....i hope this site becomes an annual outing. the girl behind me commented, "this is like summer camp" and i said "WAAAAYYYYY better than camp sis, music and magic on top!"

The Full Moon Dream Dance was truly a magical experience!! After returning from Horning's, I was so excited to tell friends about it!! What I found was...that no matter how much I tried to explain it...help them visualize it...understand how truly magical and special it was...and what it was like to be there...I couldn't!! It was a challenge to adequately explain the surroundings, the music, the feeling that was there for the entire weekend! I just couldn't put it in words!! I definitely carried the feeling home with me! Thank you for your hard work! I hope that you felt truly rewarded by it...so many benefited from your...and other's...labors! It seemed that everyone...even the musicians...danced a dream!
**peace and smiles!

I've been trying to find this sight for this specific reason; thanking y'all for the highpoint of my summer!! Horning's Hideout was the best festival I have ever been to in my life! I had the greatest time at this sacred place. I loved all the decorations and especially all the tie-dyes that were hanging around the festival grounds. I really like Peak Experience (you guys). Ever since New Years @ the Convention Ctr., I have been trading nothing but the Cheese. With your involvment and my willingness to see more and more shows, Cheese has become the band I have always wanted. What you guys did at Horning's was so unreal and very moving for the fans. I really enjoyed that it was also kind of "experimental" which enlightened myself and alot of people I have already talked to. Well, I guess I could ramble on forever about Horning's. But I won't because that would take all day. I can't thank Peak Experience enough. You guys are doing what no one else can ever come close to. Thanks again. Can't wait to see the videos from New Year's and Horning's!!

It was the best concert experience I've ever had (even over Phish NYE2000 which I thought was the greatest show I would ever see). The scene, the vibe, the people, the show, I can't imagine how it could be topped, unless Peak Experience tops itself next year at Horning's. As the clock turned midnight on Saturday, it also chimed in the beginning of my birthday and I could never ask for a better one. Best birthday ever!!!
Thanks PE! Can't wait for the Tricksters tonight!

The Full Moon Dream Dance awakened a collective passion that has been building since the beginning of time...To feel the rhythms of life fusing together, collectively, feeling a vibe that connects us all at a primal core. Breathing, living, feeling free. String Cheese took me on a wonderful journey this summer, something that peaked and has found an eternal plateau. We are all part of the living dream, and we are all slowly awakening to our role in the mythic play. Thank you to all of you for bringing our magic together