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Copyright 2000 Joe Barna

What does it take to make a concert/festival experience profoundly exciting and joyous for you?

Does the quality of your experience rely solely on how well the band plays?

Or how good your seats are?

Or how much of a buzz you put on?

Or can the degree of joy and the depth of meaning of your Experience also be determined by your level and type of participation in the event?

Peak Experience Productions invites you to take control of your concert Experience and transform it into a profound adventure. Our festivals provide each and every one of you with the opportunity to become the hero in the movie of your life.

Copyright 2000 Pam Seidenman

How? We base many of our events on new mythic interpretations of perennial wisdom. We invite the community of event attendees (that's you!) to help co-create the event via our website discussion groups. This gives you the opportunity to participate directly in the crafting of the magic of this event.

Copyright 2000 Bob Gersztyn

Feeling unsure about taking the leap? Have no joining in on our online discussion groups and in-person planning sessions you'll become part of a truly amazing, substantive community. This process offers the opportunity to cultivate new friends, flex your creative muscle, and make art that is larger than that we can make as individuals. Above all, you'll find yourself having enormous amounts of fun.

Copyright 2000 Sumner Walters

Participants in our previous events have heartily testified that getting involved in this fashion creates a radical transformation of the concert Experience into a magical adventure that can inspire and delight beyond anything experienced at traditional rock and roll events.

Please let us know what energy and skills you can bring into the mix.

Here are some of the ways you can get on the magic bus:

Volunteers, Interns
Submit Event Pictures and Reviews
Bands, Artists, Performers

Volunteers, Interns
At each festival, we make room for literally hundreds of ticket purchasing participants to become involved in the co-creation of the event's artistic elements. This includes, but is not limited to: prop building, theme camp design, workshop presentations, parade design and performance, family activities and, at some events, fire dance theatre. We invite both experienced and un-experienced event attendees to become part of the magic by pitching in. Let us know what skills and or energy you can bring to the mix. We're always on the lookout for people with artistic skills!

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We also have a limited number of volunteer positions available for most events that trade work for entrance. These include, but are not limited to: camping, parking, recycling, site prep and deconstruction. Please submit your requests early! and include any special skills that you offer.

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Occasionally, we offer internships in our offices for school credit. If interested, please submit your resume to us for review.

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Submit Event Pictures and Reviews
We'd love to post your clear digital j-pegs along with captions in the event archives section of this website. We are also looking for concise reviews of events with focus given equally to both the music and the audience-participatory activities.

Submit event pictures and reviews

Bands, Artists, Performers
Please send your promo kits to:
Peak Experience Productions
6908 SE Ash
Portland OR, 97215

Mytheogenesis is the creative think-tank behind Peak Experience Productions. We are dedicated to co-creating and presenting a wide variety of living myth ceremonies, ritual theatre performances, and multi-disciplinary events that simultaneously inspire, heal, educate and entertain. The result of this group's efforts has been far-reaching, with both small and large-scale projects of great depth, imagination and impact. Our larger projects, which have been attended by 9000+ participants, have garnered national publicity and have been life-changing for a critical mass of those in attendance.

Mytheogenesis' approach is integral and pantheistic, intentionally drawing upon and synergizing as many important "truths" from as many disciplines as possible including physics, biology, psychology, theology, mysticism, art, as well as style and culture. These times obviously call for such action.

Up until now, Mytheogenesis had been comprised of ritualists, thespians, musicians, healers, performance/visual/environmental artists, festival/special event producers, and otherwise talented, mindful participants from across the country...mostly in Northern California. However, based upon recent connections here in the Portland area with a wide array of talented, passionate, like-minded people, we now believe the time has come to form a local Mytheogenesis chapter in the Portland Oregon.

Our intention is to help birth a collective of social alchemists who work/play together to manifest a renaissance in community happenings. These activities will synergistically combine art, music, ritual, and culture-jamming/paradigm shifting educational and socio/political activities. The ultimate goal is to offer sublime, mythic, meaningful, empowering and highly entertaining community art/ritual-based adventures to those who hunger for such Experiences. We have all the elements right here, right now that are necessary to create a movement of great meaning, impact and delight.

If you are an accomplished mover/shaker in this realm we invite you to submit a letter of inquiry about how you can synergize with us. At this point, we are limiting our interest to those who have a proven track record in arts/community development and professional caliber performance skills. Thank you for your understanding.

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