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We provide the following services:

Concert, Festival, And Conference Production
Peak Experience specializes in the production of multi-day music and performance art festivals, concerts and conferences. We are skilled in handling virtually all aspects of large-scale event production including event design, web site design and management, budgeting, bookkeeping, contracts, marketing, publicity, ticketing, local permits, insurance, pro and volunteer staffing, staging, theater, camping, parking, security, vending, activity scheduling, signage, participant orientation, security, catering, hospitality and site deconstruction.

We also address the important little details such as child-care, recycling, pre-event customer service, backstage ambiance, RockMed medical services, reasonably priced "healthy" food and dietary restriction options, and audience access to sobriety-support and educational booths.

Theme-based Tours, Festivals and Concerts
One of Peak's strongest attributes is our ability to craft themes for events which inspire both the bands and the audiences to participate on a higher/deeper level. With sensitivity to the bands' aesthetic, we write thematic storylines (preferably with the band's direct involvement) that set an artistic (and sometimes mythic) tone for the event. This can be limited to onstage decorations and theatrical performances or, extend out into a vast realm of opportunities for the audience to express themselves in ways directly related to these themes.

For example, we produced a three-day, outdoor festival for the String Cheese Incident entitled the "Full Moon Dream Dance"�. This event drew inspiration from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream," and Faerie lore from around the world. Upon entering our venue, audience members were enveloped in an immersive environment encouraging them to dissolve normal social barriers, become part of the creative effort and, in turn, become stars in the adventure. We created five distinct thematic environments at the venue - each based on it's own distinct realm of Faerie mythology, and each featuring thematically related art installations, theatrical presentations and workshops. The event culminated with an audience-participatory, midnight rock and roll operatic ceremony under the full moon in which 3000+ fans (most of whom created their own costumes) danced inside a Stonehenge made of 12 foot tall mushroom sculptures as the musicians (The String Cheese Incident with Dr. Didg and friends) played what many fans are calling their most inspired live performance to date. As the testimonial section of this website demonstrates, this sort of unique approach results in attendees consistently having some of the most powerful Experiences of their lives. Naturally, we tailor themes to our client's aesthetic, and venue and budgetary limitations. Further examples of theme-based events can be found in the Show Archives section of this site.

Theatrical Ambiance
We specialize in the creation, choreography and blending of multi-media imagery, performance art, unusual theatrical lighting (lasers, pyro, etc.), props, and stage design, in a way that produces synesthesia. Also, as the inheritor of the Fillmore East's legendary Joshua Light Show, and creators of the Speed of Light Show, we have nearly 20 years of experience in creating and melding "visionary" imagery and lighting with traditional stage lighting.

Additionally, we excel in designing and producing spoken word and dance pieces (including black light and fire dance, whirling dervish and belly dance, modern and avant-garde dance, etc.), and world-class caliber circus arts (including juggling, trapeze, and hula hoop performances) to live music.

Mythic Theatre - Creation And Production
Our mythic theatre productions bring enormous value to retreat centers and conference producers. Drawing upon perennial wisdom from around the planet, we design and produce mythic theme-based ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and weekend retreats that embody these teachings. We can create dramatic, large or small scale, highly theatrical, and even audience-participatory presentations that speak to the heart and evoke spirit. We can present either traditional events (for example: Beltane May Pole ceremonies) or craft entirely new ones customized to the theme of your event. Our approach to these customized presentations is integral and pantheistic, intentionally drawing upon and synergizing as many important "truths" from as many disciplines as possible. We expand upon these performances by involving the audience in their design and presentation. Starting weeks before the event through moderated web-based listserv discussion groups. Once at your event we can host workshops in many different disciplines related to the creation and presentation of the impending ceremony. As participants attend workshops and then help birth the grand ceremony, they are enveloped into a transcendent Experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Building Audience Size and Devotion Through Audience-Participatory Activities
Peak Experience has achieved remarkable results in cultivating a greater sense of community and allegiance among the growing fanbases of the bands we work with. This is essential for touring bands that want to or already have literally thousands of fans following them for entire tours.

By involving audiences in making the magic of these events, we help them cultivate substantive connections with each other and deepen their community experience. Through our web site we involve all age groups, including children, in co-creating event activities. For each of our own festivals we have hundreds of audience members conversing on-line daily for weeks in advance. Many groups in a number of cities meet weekly to build theatrical props and costumes and plan activities for the festival. By the time they show up for the events, they had already crafted genuine friendships (several have even fallen in love!). Once at the events, they participate in workshops, parades, ceremonies and mythic play. With each event, participation grows as non-participatory attendees witness the phenomenal degree of joy that their "actualized" peers receive from "getting on the bus."

We don't stop there. We provide numerous opportunities for involvement for those who show up without any idea about pre-production involvement - face painting, new games/theater games, labyrinth walks, contests, children's parades, arts and crafts booths (to make parade hats, etc.) are just a few examples.

We also produce in-concert newsletters that achieve this same result.